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SON 28 Generator Hub


Charge your GPS and/or cell phone while riding with your lights on! At low speeds, the SON28 provides more power than the SON Delux generator hub, but also has (slightly) higher resistance. At high speeds, the output and resistance of both models is similar. This makes the SON28 an excellent hub for self-contained tourists who want to charge their devices on the road, because their campspots are far from the next power outlet.

Also available with the connector-less SL system for custom bikes.

For bikes with disc brakes, we recommend the SONdelux Centerlock disc or SONdelux 12 thru axle Centerlock disc hubs.

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Generator hubs provide light when you need it. No batteries to charge, no worries about running out of juice. Simply turn a switch, and your lights come on. Schmidt Maschinenbau in Germany has pioneered modern generator hubs since introducing their first SON model in 1995. The latest models are lighter, have less resistance and last longer than other generator hubs.

Read more about lighting on our blog.

  • Charge electronic devices and run your lights at the same time
  • More power at low speeds
  • 32 or 36 holes
  • Includes skewer
  • Light weight
  • Standard connectors
  • Polished silver
  • Weight: 440 g
  • Flange diameter: 54 mm
  • Center to flange: 31 mm
  • Click here for downloadable instructions for SON generator hubs

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