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Hutchinson 650Bx32 Confrérie 1
Hutchinson 650Bx32 Confrérie

Hutchinson 650B x 32 Confrérie (Discontinued)


The Confrérie des 650 has worked tirelessly to popularize the 650B wheel size. Part of their program is to supply components for 650B bikes. Their latest effort is a high-end, thoroughly modern 650B tire.

The Confrérie requires tubes.

Made in France.

For a 650B x 32 mm tire, we recommend the Grand Bois Cyprès.

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Made by Hutchinson with their best racing casing, this tire measures a full 32 mm wide. A great alternative for those who prefer a more modern appearance.

The Confrérie requires tubes.


  • Modern appearance
  • Reflective sidewalls
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Clincher, folding bead
  • 320 g
  • Recommended Pressure: 44psi