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Kaisei ‘Toei Special’ Fork Blades


The ultimate fork blades provide passive suspension that improves both comfort and speed. Together with the tires, TOEI Special fork blades form a system to absorb bumps of all sizes and frequencies. Thanks to their unique shape, these fork blades are strong near the crown for sure-footed handling and excellent braking performance. They are flexible in their lower section to absorb shocks. It’s a logical way to make fork blades!

The “Imperial Oval” shape fits the Compass and Takahashi fork crowns we also sell. Made from strong CrMo steel.

Made in Japan.

Sorry, out of stock. A new shipment is expected in late September/early October.

Out of stock

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The performance of steel bikes has been perfected to such a degree that even today, steel is the material of choice for the bikes that take us on our adventures. Kaisei makes the best steel tubing in the world, widely respected for its consistent quality and perfect roundness. Long reserved for the track bikes of Japan’s Keirin professionals (who race on steel bikes), Compass now offers Kaisei tubing in custom-drawn dimensions for modern allroad and randonneur bikes.

Click here to read more about Kaisei tubing and why even today, the best bikes are made from steel tubing.

  • CrMo steel
  • Slender lower section for best shock absorption
  • Small-diameter lower section is easy to rake
  • Imperial Oval cross-section for best braking performance with centerpull brakes
  • Diameter at tip: OD 13 mm; ID 11 mm
  • Length: 405 mm
  • Weight: 177 g (each)

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