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Compass Knickers


Look good on and off the bike, yet pedal as hard as you like: Compass knickers combine style with performance. These knickers are slick with the wind and do not billow like many “casual” cycling shorts; they simply disappear. Yet when you get off the bike and enter restaurants or shops, you don’t need to apologize for your tight-fitting clothes that stretch the boundaries of good taste.

Hand-made in Seattle, WA from a synthetic woven fabric with a little stretch, the Compass knickers don’t constrict your pedaling, no matter how fast you are going. We’ve worn them in 24-hour Flèche rides and even Paris-Brest-Paris. The fabric wicks moisture, so it is comfortable even in very hot weather. The cuffs below the knees are elastic and adjustable. The waist is both elastic and features a belt, so you can dial in your fit.

They don’t have a pad, so you can wear them off the bike as well (we’ve found them perfect for back-country hiking). On the bike, simply wear your normal cycling shorts underneath them. They also pack so small that you could just stuff them in your jersey pocket and then wear them when you arrive at your destination. They fit over your cycling shoes, so they are easy to put on. But once you wear them, you won’t want to take them off!

Made in USA

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  • Moisture-wicking synthetic fabric with a little stretch
  • Adjustable, webbing-belted waist
  • Adjustable cuff below knee with hidden elastic drawcord
  • 3 zippered pockets
  • Mesh vent panel on back
  • Light weight and pack small
  • No pad - wear on and off the bike
  • 28″ size: 17.5″ inseam 30″ size: 18.25″ inseam 32" and 34" size: 18.50″ inseam
  • In size 36" they weigh 8.3 oz (235 g)