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Compass Replacement Hardware for Centerpull BrakesCompass Replacement Hardware for Centerpull BrakesMafac 2000 Grand Bois Straddle Wire

Compass Replacement Hardware for Centerpull Brakes


The forged arms of classic Mafac brakes don’t wear out, but the chrome-plating of Mafac’s hardware was of mediocre quality. Our replacement hardware includes everything you need: Bolts, nuts, bushings, thrust washers, springs, straddle cables… The bolts are made from CrMo (not weaker stainless steel) and chrome-plated, so they are as strong as the originals.

Polish up your arms, install this hardware kit, and your brakes are better than new!



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There are two straddle cable types to choose from: the standard cable for Compass brakes and Mafac Racers/Raids and double-ended cable for Mafac 2000 brakes. The standard cable is shown in the main photo. The double-ended cable is shown in the alternate photo.

Note: Mafac brakes vary between production runs. If the bushings don’t fit, you can accurately enlarge the hole in your brakes with a 10H7 reamer.

  • Fits these brakes:
    • Compass centerpull brakes
    • Mafac centerpull brakes (Racer, Raid and some 2000 or Competition models)
  • Choice of straddle cables
  • Choice of mounting bolts (for bikes with and without racks)
  • Made in Taiwan