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René Herse Brake Pad Holders (Pair)


René Herse not only made his own superlight cantilever brakes, he also developed one-piece brake pad holders. Today, these holders are almost impossible to find.

The originals were made for then-common short brake pads. When the brake pads of René Herse bikes wore out, many riders fitted longer Mafac pads and holders. However, the longer Mafac pad holders usually hit the seatstays, which prevents the brake from opening fully.

René Herse brake pad holders now are available again. The current holders feature the same angular aesthetics as the classic model, but they are a bit longer to fit Kool-Stop’s excellent Mafac reproduction brake pads. To clear the seatstays, we offset the mounting posts very slightly from the center of the pad. You won’t notice this, but it provides just enough clearance. Like the originals, the new René Herse pad holders are cast as one-piece units for durability.

Made in Taiwan.

Sold as a set of 2 without pads (available separately).

The René Herse® name, logo and designs are registered trademarks of Compass Cycles.

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  • Fit modern Kool-Stop pads
  • Post is offset slightly to clear seatstays
  • Weight: 9 g (each)

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