Grand Bois 700Cx32 Cypres 2

Grand Bois 700C x 32 Cypres


The Cyprès (named after the Cypress tree) will transform the feel, comfort and performance of your bicycle. On good roads, it zips along like a racing tire. (The Cyprès is constructed like a racing tire.) On rough pavement, it smoothens out the vibrations. (The Cyprès has twice the air volume of a 23 mm racing tire.) On dirt roads, it just floats along. (The Cyprès can be run at 55% of the pressure of a 23 mm racing tire without losing speed.) Find a bike that can fit the Cyprès and see what a difference a great set of tires can make!

For a 700C x 32mm tire, we recommend the Compass Stampede Pass, which features a tread optimized for performance and cornering and is available with both standard and extralight casing.

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  • Low rolling resistance
  • Excellent grip
  • Light Weight
  • Classic appearance
  • Clincher tires with the ride of a good tubular
  • 292 g
  • Maximum Pressure 90psi