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Ostrich L-100 Rinko Bag


The L-100 Rinko bag is made from durable Cordura, yet still small enough to carry under your bike’s saddle. The L-100 bag is large enough to fit a full-size randonneur “Rinko” bike with a 60 cm frame. The bag comes with a carrying strap that attaches to the bike. (The bag only drapes over the bike and does not bear the weight of the bike). Three small straps keep the parts of the bike (frame; fork/front wheel; rear wheel/rear fender) together and rattle-free. The L-100 Rinko bag has the same dimensions as the superlight SL-100, but it is made from a thicker, stronger material.


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Rinko is the Japanese system of packing bikes for train travel. It’s an elegant way of converting your bike into a small package that you sling over your shoulder and carry on trains, subways, buses or in other crowded places. It is very satisfying to ride up to a train station, and 15 minutes later, having reduced your bike to a neat, small package. One advantage of Rinko is that the bike doesn’t need couplers or other parts that add cost and complexity, and compromise the ride quality. Consider a few small details when designing the frame, use a few special parts, and a standard bike can be made to Rinko. There are many different Rinko systems, and this bag is intended for the Alps/Hirose system, which removes the fork and part of the rear fender to reduce the bike to the smallest possible package.