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Bicycle Quarterly

Where’s my BQ?

We use periodicals mail to keep the subscription prices low. This kind of mailing can take two to three weeks to arrive in the U.S. International subscriptions can take three to six weeks, depending on location.

If your subscription is current at the printing date, BQ is mailed directly from the printer in Seattle, Washington, so you are among the first to get your copy. If you subscribe or renew between printings, BQ is mailed in batches, so there can be a little wait from the time you place your order. Subsequent editions will mail directly from the printer.

If you haven’t received your magazine 5 weeks (10 weeks for international subscribers) after you subscribed or the magazine was announced, please contact

If I subscribe now, which will be the first Bicycle Quarterly I receive?

Your subscription will start with the current issue.

Where can I get Bicycle Quarterly back issues?

Most back issues are available here, both as individual editions and in 4-packs of BQs that cover particular topics.

How can I update my Bicycle Quarterly subscription address?

Please contact us at and include both your past and current address.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

Write to and we’ll answer your question, usually within 2–3 days.