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Bicycle Quarterly Subscription


Get inspired with Bicycle Quarterly, the best read among cycling magazines! Click here to browse a sample issue of Bicycle Quarterly. Subscriptions begin with the current issue. If you already have the current issue, please write the issue you’d like as the start of your subscription in the “Order Notes” field on the Checkout page. Please indicate Renewal in the “Type” pull-down menu below. Follow this link for Gift Subscriptions. Subscription Rates:

  • 1 year: $ 36 (U.S.; Canada: $ 48; other countries: $ 54)
  • 2 years: $ 67 (U.S.; Canada: $ 90; other countries: $ 102)
  • 3 years: $ 98 (U.S.; Canada: $ 132; other countries: $ 150)

Money-Back Guarantee: If you subscribe to Bicycle Quarterly and don’t like the magazine, let us know, and we will gladly refund the unused portion of your subscription. Bicycle Quarterly Press orders are fulfilled by Compass Bicycles Ltd. Privacy: We take your privacy seriously. Please read our privacy statement.


Share our passion for cycling. Enjoy our unbiased and thorough reviews of the best bicycles available today. Learn about the fascinating history of our sport, and join us on trips to amazing destinations. Participate in cutting-edge technical research that is changing the world of cycling. Whether it’s the advantages of wide, supple tires, gravel riding or randonneuring, Bicycle Quarterly championed these causes long before they became mainstream. We continue to push the envelope, with rides that will inspire you with their beautiful scenery and challenging terrain. Professionally written and photographed, every issue of Bicycle Quarterly will inspire you to get out and ride your bike. Click here for more information about Bicycle Quarterly.

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