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Grand Bois Decaleur
for Aluminum Stems

  • Two models: for aluminum stems with horizontal bolt and for Nitto Pearl
  • Requires modifying some stems (reaming out threaded hole)
  • 120 g (with bag attachment and bolts)

A decaleur attaches the handlebar bag securely, so it does not move around as you ride. It also keeps the bag clear of the handlebars, so you can use the "tops" hand position without having to wiggle your hands between bag and handlebars.

The decaleur consists of two parts: One attaches to the stem, the other to the bag. Pins on the bag attachment slide into the tubes on the stem attachment with a precise friction fit. This means they don't rattle or jump out. To remove the bag, you simply pull it upward, and the bag comes off the bike.

The Grand Bois decaleur now also is available in models that fit many aluminum stems, provided they have a single, horizontal handlebar clamp bolt. The decaleur replaces the handlebar clamp bolt. On stems where the bolt threads directly into the aluminum, the threads must be removed by reaming with a drill. (This does not weaken the stem, as the threads do not add strength.) The handlebar clamp is tightened with a nut that goes behind the handlebar clamp. (If your stem does not have a flat surface there, you will have to create one with a file.)

Compass Bicycles modifies each Grand Bois decaleur to make sure the bag is securely attached to the decaleur and does not jump out under normal riding conditions.

There are two models: One is designed to fit many classic stems (middle photo), the other includes special parts to facilitate installation on Nitto Pearl stems (left photo).

Made by Nitto, fillet-brazed steel, triple-plated (copper, nickel chrome).

Note: The decaleur does not replace a rack: The bag still needs to be supported from below.

Made in the Japan. 10 year warranty.

$ 165


Download our decaleur instructions

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