René Herse



Compass Bicycles is the proud caretaker of the trademarks, designs and other assets of Cycles René Herse. René Herse® is a registered trademark of Compass Bicycles Ltd.

Our goal is to make René Herse’s excellent components available to modern cyclists, as well as provide support for the owners of classic René Herse bicycles.

Currently, we offer René Herse cranks, which combine the light weight, exceptional chainring choice and reliability of the original René Herse cranks with modern 10-speed compatibility. The chainrings are compatible with classic René Herse cranks made after about 1965.

We also offer many parts for restorations of classic René Herse bicycles.

In addition, we offer original decals for restoring 1980s René Herse bicycles. If you would like to purchase these, please send us a photo and the serial number of your bicycle. (We want to ensure that the decals do not end up on the wrong frames.) Note that the decals are appropriate only for the last machines made by Herse starting around 1980. Earlier René Herses had hand-painted lettering.

For more information about René Herse, we recommend the book René Herse • The Bikes • The Builder • The Riders.

If you are looking for specific components for classic René Herse bicycles,  please contact us.