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Handlebars are among the most important components of your bike. With the right handlebars, randonneurs ride the 1200 km of Paris-Brest-Paris virtually non-stop without suffering from hand, wrist or shoulder pains. With the wrong bars, even a three-hour ride can lead to aches.

Everybody’s anatomy is different, and handlebars that lock you into a few hand positions will not be comfortable in the long run. Our bars have generous curves that support your hands over a wide range of positions, allowing you to roam and find the perfect spot to hold the bars. A longer reach gives you more options, from an upright position to a stretched-out, aerodynamic position. You’ll be amazed how great handlebars can transform your riding experience.

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“I am happy to report that the Randonneur handlebar installed on my Trek 520 has greatly mitigated my numb hands problem. The vertical curves in the bar, especially in each of the ramp sections, fit my hands better, thereby minimizing concentrated pressure points.”
– D.I., Nashville, TN

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