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Compass Bicycles offers the components we need for our rides.

We love riding bikes. We like spirited rides that extend far beyond the horizon. We enjoy venturing off the beaten path, where we encounter more wildlife than traffic. Some call us extreme, but we really just enjoy riding our bikes – to the max, and in the real world, rather than only on smooth roads and sunny days. This means that we place high demands on our equipment.

When you ride your bike...

...on backroads
...on bumpy urban pavement
...for more than a few hours at a time any weather night

...then you quickly realize that you need a bicycle and components different from those sold by the big makers. More than a decade ago, we started a magazine, Bicycle Quarterly, to research the history and technology of bicycles. Our goal with Compass Bicycles is to provide the fruits of this research in the form of better components, so we can enjoy our bikes even more.

Whether you are looking for wide, supple tires that combine performance with comfort, handlebars that are comfortable even after many hours in the saddle, or front racks that can support a handlebar bag securely — you will find them here.

We offer René Herse cranks with nearly limitless chainring choices. Our SKF bottom brackets will last 10 years or more without maintenance.

If you plan to ride at night, we offer the best generator hubs and lights, so you always have lights by just turning a switch.

In our program, you find aluminum fenders that provide generous coverage and rolled edges to keep the water inside, while weighing less than plastic fenders. We even offer fork crowns and fork blades that are optimized for strength and shock absorption, which a qualified framebuilder can incorporate into your next bicycle.

At Compass Bicycles, we offer the best components for real-world riding — the components we use on our own bikes.

We also wholesale most of the components we sell. Bike shops can contact us to open a wholesale account.