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SON Delux Generator Hub

SON28 Generator Hub

  • Lowest resistance
  • More power at low speeds
  • Charge electronic devices and run your lights
  • 32 or 36 holes
  • Light weight
  • Polished silver
  • Weight: 440 g

"As someone who has spent more time that I’d like to admit riding home with fingers crossed because I forgot to charge my lights, I am sold on this system."

   — Eric McKeegan, Bicycle Times

Generator hubs provide light when you need it. No batteries to charge, no worries about running out of juice. Simply turn a switch, and your lights come on.

Schmidt Maschinenbau has been the pioneer of generator hubs. The latest SON28 hub is lighter, has less resistance and features the same proven quality as its predecessor. At high speeds, it is the most efficient generator hub available. At low speeds, it offers more power than the SON Delux hub, but also has (slightly) higher resistance. Recommended if you plan to charge electronic devices while running your lights.

Made in Germany. 5 year warranty.

$ 253

Also available in the "connector-less" SL version.

$ 244


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