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Headlight Mounting Brackets

  • For bikes without front racks
  • Handlebar mounts
  • Fork crown mounts

"As someone who has spent more time that I’d like to admit riding home with fingers crossed because I forgot to charge my lights, I am sold on this system."

   — Eric McKeegan, Bicycle Times

To retrofit generator lights to your bike, we offer a number of useful mounts. They attach to the handlebars or the fork crown, and they are designed for the SON Edelux and Busch & Muller lights we sell. Alternatively, you can attach your headlight to one of our racks.

R & M Handlebar Mount
A simple plastic mounting bracket to attach your headlight to the handlebars. Use with “hanging attachement” Edelux for an elegant and secure mounting underneath the handlebars, or with standing headlights in front of the bars. Works with all “standard-diameter” handlebars. Light angle can be adjusted sideways in case your bars curve next to the stem. 36 g.

$ 18


SON Handlebar Mount
Beautifully machined aluminum handlebar mount that echoes the shape of the Edelux headlight. The strap is wrapped around the handlebars, pulled through the slots of the square bracket and bent to secure it. Then a Torx screw pulls the bracket into the mount, which tightens the strap. Works with all handlebar diameters. 24 g. Made in Germany.

$ 40


Busch & Müller Fork Crown Mount
All Busch & Müller headlights (IQ Cyo, Lyt) are delivered with this simple light mount, which also is available separately. Made from stainless steel, it mounts to your fork crown. 31 g. Made in Germany.

$ 5


Lumotec Fork Crown Mount
A simple stamped steel bracket that works well with many caliper brakes. Chrome-plated. 23 g. Made in Germany.

$ 4


Thorn Fork Crown Mount
Machined aluminum bracket for bikes with cantilever or V-brakes. Mounts to the fork crown. A spacer is provided for cantilever brakes, so the bracket clears the straddle wire. Comes with extra bolts for different fork crowns and also for crowns with threaded holes. In most cases, this mount will not work with low-profile cantilever brakes, because the straddle cable interferes with the mount. 38 g.

$ 34


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