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PBP night
Lyt light

Busch & Müller
LED Headlight

  • Standlight
  • On/Off switch
  • Taillight connector
  • 51 g

"As someone who has spent more time that I’d like to admit riding home with fingers crossed because I forgot to charge my lights, I am sold on this system."

   — Eric McKeegan, Bicycle Times

A high-performance LED headlight at a remarkable price. The wide and bright beam is shaped so it does not blind oncoming traffic. The standlight keeps your bike illuminated even when stopped at a traffic light.

Made in Germany. 2 year warranty.

$ 37 (Lyt N Plus)


To connect your light to a SON generator hub, you need the Connector Kit. For a small fee ($ 13 including the connectors), we shorten the wires to your requirements and attach the connectors.

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