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SON Edelux II
LED Headlight

In Stock!

  • Standing attachment
  • Standlight
  • On/Off switch
  • Light sensor
  • Taillight connector
  • Polished aluminum (shown)
  • Silver or black anodized
  • 85 g

"As someone who has spent more time that I’d like to admit riding home with fingers crossed because I forgot to charge my lights, I am sold on this system."

   — Eric McKeegan, Bicycle Times

The new Edelux II sets the standard for bicycle headlights. Compared to the original Edelux, the beam is wider, and the illumination is more even, without bright and dark spots. This allows you to ride as confidently at night as during the day.

The asymmetric beam puts the light where you need it: on the road. It also reduces the glare for oncoming traffic. The standlight keeps your bike illuminated even when stopped at a traffic light.

Precise LED location optimizes the light output. A glass lens with anti-glare coating reduces losses and puts more light on the road. The “sensor” setting automatically switches on the headlight when it gets dark (or you enter a tunnel). The precision-machined aluminum housing is sturdy and beautiful.

We offer the Edelux II in three finishes. The polished aluminum has a beautiful shine, but it can tarnish, especially if exposed to salt water. The silver and black anodized finishes are impervious to the elements.

Available with 60 cm wire (connectors already installed) or with 140 cm wire (separate connectors).

Made in Germany. 5 year warranty.

$ 180


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