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BQ 56 Summer 2016

In this issue of Bicycle Quarterly, we embarked on our most ambitious adventure to date: A ride from Cholula to Mexico City via the 4000 m (13,100 ft)-high Paso de Cortés.

  • Morning Ride Across Mexico City
  • Suntour
  • Tokyo College of Cycle Design
  • Two Cyclotouring Trips to Hokkaido
  • 1928 R.P.F. Tourisme Luxe
  • Skill: Braking
  • Icon: Tecla Bell
  • Bike Test: Firefly Enduro Allroad
  • Hahn’s Ex-Bontrager: Converting a Mountain Bike into an Enduro Allroad Machine
  • Chainline
  • News: WTB “Road Plus” tires; French Technical Trials
  • Brian Baylis, 1953-2016
  • Jean Olbrechts, 1924-2016


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