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Grand Bois

A classic shape for long-distance comfort

  • Drops: 410/420 mm wide
  • Ramps: 370/380 mm wide (bars flare outward)
  • Rise: 20 mm
  • Reach: 110 mm
  • Drop: 125 mm
  • Weight: 317 g
  • Meets EN “Racing Bike” standard for fatigue resistance

"I am happy to report that the Grand Bois Randonneur handlebar installed on my Trek 520 has greatly mitigated my numb hands problem. The vertical curves in the bar, especially in each of the ramp sections, fit my hands better, thereby minimizing concentrated pressure points."

    — D.I., Nashville, TN

Based on the 1940s AVA "Randonneur," these are the favorite bars of many long-distance riders. The subtle bends support the curvature of your palms perfectly when holding onto the ramps (behind the brake levers). It's a difficult shape to get right, most imitations do not come close to providing the comfort of this time-tested shape. Generous shape in all dimensions allows moving your hands on long rides. There is no reason to suffer from numb hands on your rides!

Made by Nitto to their “superlight” specifications. Polished (aluminum) finish, no visible logos.

25.4 mm clamp. Made in Japan. 5 year warranty.

$ 115


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