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Compass/Grand Bois
Maes Parallel

Flat ramps for long rides.

  • Drops: 400/410/420/440 mm wide
  • Ramps: 360/370/380/400 mm wide (bars flare outward)
  • Reach: 115 mm
  • Drop: 125 mm
  • weight: 310 g (410 mm)
  • Meets EN “Racing Bike” standard for fatigue resistance

"Super long ramps for comfort, shallow drops parallel to the ground, nice curve just before brake hoods, minimalist without logos or sleeves to creak, lightweight and made by Nitto. That's all I need."

    —WB, Door County, WI

A copy of the 1950s Philippe "Professionel,” which was a favorite of racers when stages were long and roads were rough. Ramps and lower ends are parallel, which makes for a very elegant handlebar and provides very flat ramps for long-distance comfort. The downside is less room for your wrists when throwing the bike in sprints. For out-of-the-saddle sprinters, we suggest the "Maes 1970s" shape.

Made by Nitto to their “superlight” specifications. Polished (aluminum) finish, no visible logos.

400 and 440 mm width is labeled "Compass". 410 and 420 mm width is labeled "Grand Bois".

25.4 mm clamp. Made in Japan. 5 year warranty.

$ 115


We recommend Grand Bois and Nitto stems

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