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Mafac Competition
Mafac 4-dot pads
Mafac 5-dot pads

Brake pads

  • Fit Mafac pad holders.
  • Salmon-colored Matthauser compound.
  • Superior stopping in wet and dry.

Kool-Stop's salmon-colored Matthauser compound offers by far the best stopping in wet and dry conditions of all pads we have tested. These Kool-Stop brake pads have the same dimensions as Mafac brake pads and slip into the classic Mafac holders. Optimize the braking of your Mafac-equipped bike with a set of these pads.

Available in 4-dot (most brakes) and 5-dot (Tandem Cantilever) lengths. Also available in black.

Made in the USA.

$ 24 Set of 4


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