About Us

Compass Bicycles offers the components we need for our rides.

We are a small company, but what we lack in size, we make up with our passion. We love riding bikes. We like spirited rides that zig-zag through mountain ranges and extend far beyond the horizon. We enjoy venturing off the beaten path, where we encounter more wildlife than traffic. We know some think we are extreme, but we hope you are simply inspired to enjoy riding your bikes as much as we do.

We do place high demands on our equipment since we ride in the real world, and not only on smooth roads on sunny days. We founded Compass Bicycles to supply components that meet this challenge and can accompany you on your dream rides.

Here is our team:

jan_about_usJan Heine is our President. After a decade of racing, he switched to randonneuring and touring, with a little cyclocross thrown in for even more fun. He got the ball rolling when he started Bicycle Quarterly more than a decade ago. Compass Bicycles was the logical next step, in order to turn BQ‘s research into components that actually improve the riding experience. Today, Jan is responsible for product development and prototyping, in addition to his role as the editor of Bicycle Quarterly.

Theo Roffe is our General Manager. An inveterate randonneur, he probably rides more than the rest of us combined.  He has many years of experience with our components, and just as many years experience in the bike industry, where he has worked in every role from warehouse floor to customer service and operations management. Not only does he maintain our ordering system and make sure the hundreds of products we sell actually are in stock, he also fields customer questions and hand-assembles Compass brakes and René Herse cranks.


barbara_van_de_fenBarbara Van de Fen is our Chief Financial Officer, in addition to many other roles running the company. She also manages advertising and production of Bicycle Quarterly. Barbara uses her bike for commuting, but also has enjoyed bicycle touring in Europe, Colorado and Washington State.


clarkClark Chapman is the man whose work is so important that a title like “Order Fulfillment Specialist” is very inadequate. He gets your orders filled, answers your subscription questions, and gets Bicycle Quarterly mailed out to all four corners of the earth. Every box of Compass components you receive, every envelope of back issues, every book, they all have been carefully packed by him. Clark enjoys the goings-on at Compass Bicycles, but his passion is his boat. Perhaps even more than we look forward to a big ride, he looks forward to the fishing season out here on Puget Sound.


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